Exploring the Intersection of AI, Science and Industry with Richard Socher and Dresden AI experts

Richard Socher, CEO of You.com, visited TU Dresden on May 11, 2023. After an inspiring lecture he joined a podium discussion with other leading science experts on natural language processing. The event explored the intersection of AI, science, and industry, with a focus on the latest developments in natural language processing and their impact on different sectors. Socher and the panelists discussed the use of AI in industries such as healthcare, finance, and education, and delved into the ethical concerns surrounding its application. The conversation provided valuable insights into the future of AI and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

Lecture of Richard Socher

Panel Discussion

  • Sunna Torge (panelist, TU Dresden, SCADS.AI, OpenGPT-X)
  • Anna Poetsch (panelist, TU Dresden, CMCB/MSNZ)
  • Richard Socher (panelist, you.com)
  • Oliver Guhr (moderator, HTW Dresden)
  • Peter Steinbach (moderator, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Helmholtz.AI)

Organizing Team

  • Richard Schroedter (TU Dresden)
  • Christian Bruchatz (TU Dresden)
  • Steffen Seitz (TU Dresden)
  • Oliver Guhr (HTW Dresden)
  • Peter Steinbach (HZDR, Helmholtz.AI)

We kindly thank the Chief Office for Technology Transfer and Internationalization, the Chief Office Digitalization and Information Management, the Directorate Communication and Marketing as well as the Directorate Student Affairs and Continuing Education for their support in the event organization.