Elisabetta Chicca and SWIMS Project Awarded EUR 13.5 Million ERC Synergy Grant

© Filippo Gander

The European Research Council (ERC) has granted a EUR 13.5 million Synergy Grant to the Stochastic Spiking Wireless Multimodal Sensory Systems (SWIMS) project, led by a consortium of four prominent scientists, including Professor Elisabetta Chicca from the University of Groningen.

SWIMS aims to revolutionize the design of smart wireless multimodal sensory systems, drawing inspiration from the nonlinear signaling observed in the nervous system of insects like bees. The project proposes a paradigm shift in digital signal processing, focusing on a novel stochastic analog spiking neuromorphic concept for Internet-of-Things (IoT) nodes.

The grant underscores the significance of SWIMS in addressing the rising energy consumption of digital infrastructure and recognizes its potential to bring about breakthroughs in energy efficiency for future IoT technologies. The international collaboration involves researchers from TU Dresden, UC Louvain, EPFL, and the University of Groningen, emphasizing the project’s global impact. This funding reaffirms the ERC’s confidence in SWIMS as a pioneering force in advancing sustainable and energy-efficient IoT systems.