Memristive circuits for analogue computing with Redox-based memristive devices



Prof. Dr. Renato Negra

Chair of High Frequency Electronics, RWTH Aachen


Prof. Dr. Ilia Valov

Nanoelectrochemistry Group at Peter Grünberg Institute at FZ Jülich

Project Description

With redox-based memristive devices, it is possible to develop analogue circuits for a wide variety of applications that are adaptive and reconfigurable. Essential for this is the development of a comprehensive model that can be used in commercial CAD tools. The small- and large-signal device models required for this are specially developed and compared with measurements. The focus of this research project is to use the properties of memristive devices to enable dedicated analogue signal processing and thus to realise reconfigurable data acquisition platforms and various analogue circuits based on memristive devices. New circuit concepts and architectures will be developed to fully exploit the properties of redox-baised devices. Finally, calculations such as the analogue Fourier transform will be implemented as an example application.

Further involved scientists


Muh-Dey Wei

Chair of High Frequency Electronics, RWTH Aachen