Memristive Time Difference Encoder (MemTDE)


- Prof. Elisabetta Chicca
- Prof. Regina Dittman

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Hybrid MEMristor-CMOS Micro Electrode Array bio-sensing platform (MEMMEA)


- Prof .Dr. Catherine Dubourdieu
- Dr.-Ing. Stephan Menzel
- Prof. Roland Thewes
- Dr. Peter Jones

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Neurotransistor-based Memristive Crossbar Memcomputing (NeuroMCross)


 - Prof. Thomas Mikolajick
 - Dr.-Ing, Stefan Slesazeck
 - Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff

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Bio inspired Memcomputing via Crossbar Structures (BioMCross)


- Prof. Thomas Mikolajick
- Dr.-Ing. Stefan Slesazeck
- Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff

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Memristive hybrid on-chip memory for a low-power RISC-V processor - Design and Implementation (HYB-RISC)


 - Prof. Dietmar Fey
 - Prof. Christian Wenger

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Robust Compute-in Memory using Memristors (ROBCOMM)


- Prof. Mehdi B. Tahoori
- Dr. Dirk Wouters

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Memristive In-Memory-Computing: Radiation hard Memory for Computing in Space (MIMEC)


- Prof. Dietmar Fey
- Prof. Amelie Hagelauer
- Dr.-Ing. Marc Reichenbach
- Prof. Christian Wenger

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Reconfigurable logic and Multi-bit in-memory processing with ferroelectric memristors (ReLoFeMris)


- Prof. Dietmar Fey
- Dr.-Ing. Stefan Slesazeck

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Hybrid Memristive Device with Multilevel-Modulated Electrical Conductance of Interfaced Atomically Thin 2D Materials and Molecular Oxides (2DPOMristor)


 - Prof. Anjana Devi
 - Prof. Thomas Heine
 - Dr. Kirill Monakhov

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Memristor-based Dendritic Analog Computing Enhancement (MemDANCE)


- Prof. Gordon Pipa
- Prof. John Paul Strachan
- Dr. Farbod Nosrat Nezami
- Dr. Ming-Jay Yang

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Universal Memcomputing in Hardware Realizations of Memristor Cellular Nonlinear Networks (Mem²CNN)


- Dr.-Ing. Vikas Rana
- Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff
- Prof. Ricardo A. Carmona-Galan

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High Performance Computing in Memristive Crossbars by Thermal-Heat Coupling (MemCouple)


 - Dr. Stephan Menzel
 - Prof. Martin Ziegler

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Organic Memcapacitors for Large-Area, Neuromorphic Pattern Recognition: Development of an Electronic Trap System (MemTrap)


- Prof. Frank Ellinger
- Dr.-Ing. Bahman K. Boroujeni
- Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld

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Domino Processing Unit: Towards Novel High Efficient In-Memory-Computing (MemDPU)


- Dr.-Ing. Nan Du
- Dr.-Ing. Stephan Menzel

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Memristive circuits for analogue computing with Redox-based memristive devices (MEMRED)


 - Prof. Renato Negra
 - Prof. Ilia Valov
 - Dr. Muh-Dey Wei

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REservoir COMputing with MEmristive Nonlinear Dynamics: Theory, Design and Applications (RECOMMEND)


 - Prof. Fernando Corinto
 - Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff
 - Prof. Martin Ziegler

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Structural plasticity and multi-time-scale learning in physical reservoirs (SP-MulTiScaLe-RC)


 - Dr. Hans Kleemann
 - Prof. Christian Tetzlaff

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Coordination Funds

Coordination Funds

- Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff