MemrisTec Summer School 2023

From 14.8. - 19.8.2023 in Dresden, Germany

Welcome to the second MemrisTec Summer School which is covering the topics of the research programme Memristive Devices Toward Smart Technical Systems.

Memristors are nanoelectric devices capable of storage and computation. Their specific properties make it possible to integrate significantly more memory than before in a very small space and to create novel, biologically inspired networks for information processing.

This creates electronic circuits whose performance is significantly greater than that of conventional semiconductor solutions. The highly efficient and faster memory technologies are better able than conventional technologies to meet the challenges of the Internet of Things. Due to their high efficiency and small size, memristors also allow the development of highly sensitive biosensors, which are particularly interesting for medical technology.

Such sensors can be used, for example, to detect cancer cells very sensitively at low concentrations. Moreover, memristors are particularly well suited for imaging the learning behavior of synapses in neuromorphic electronic systems, i.e. the development of artificial brains. That is, in the future, computers may be created that can “think” and “learn” with memristors. In addition, a multitude of other possible applications is conceivable.


Confirmed Speaker

Journey to Dresden

Reach our accommodation destination Dresden e.g. by train (station name Dresden Hbf) on Sunday evening latest (13.8.2023) – we will have an informal Welcome Dinner at 20:00.

If coming by plane, close airports are Dresden (DRS), Berlin (BER), Leipzig (LEJ), or Prag (PRG). From these airport, trains should be available to reach Dresden main station. From there it’s a 10min walk to the accommodation. Check out the Summer School map below…


All participants will stay in one place: the Youth hostel Dresden “Rudi Arndt”.  We already booked the rooms for you – please contact us first, don’t book on your own! There are rooms with 2 beds, 3 beds, or 4 beds. First registrations choose their bed first.

The address of your destination:

Youth hostel Dresden “Rudi Arndt”
Hübnerstraße 11
01069  Dresden

(see on the Summer School map)

Participation Fee

There is no registration fee as we are a team of universities and research institutions without aspiration to gain profit. But, to negotiate good prices for accommodation, meals, bus transfer, activities we will ask you for a participation fee covering these expenses. Your journey to/from Dresden is not included. The participation fee is 749€ for the 6 days (7 nights Sunday till Sunday). Participants from Dresden pay much less, of course.

Expected prior knowledge

It would be more easy for you to follow if you already have a Bachelor degree (or similar) in a STEM subject, e.g. electrical engineering, computer science, materials sciences, physics, chemistry etc.

The Summer School is not limited to PreDocs only!


  • Lectures from famous teachers
  • Hands-on lab activities
  • Poster session (Who am I?)
  • International sweets buffet
  • Social activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Sightseeing & Hiking


Registration for 2023 is closed. Please come back here to check for the Summer School 2024. The number of participants is limited! Depending on the total amount of registrations, the Summer School organizers might have to approve attendees.  Especially, if you need a visa for Europe, please register soon for 2024.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions here:


Feel free to advertise the MemrisTec Summer School with this flyer (16:9 format), e.g. as slide in your talks!

"In this interdisciplinary Summer School on memristive systems, we want to bring students together and in discussion with experts from the fields of fabrication, characterization and the theory of memristors."
Prof. Dr. Ronald Tetzlaff
Coordination of DFG priority program MemrisTec


Sunday, 13.08.2023

Monday, 14.08.2023

Tuesday, 15.08.2023

Wednesday, 16.08.2023

Thursday, 17.08.2023

Friday, 18.08.2023

Saturday, 19.08.2023

Sunday, 20.08.2023