NaMLab researcher wins research grant from the European Research Council

Congratulations to Dr. Erika Covi for receiving the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for her pioneering project: MEMRINESS Memristive Neurons and Synapses for Neuromorphic Edge Computing. Dr. Erika Covi is a staff member at NaMLab, an affiliated institute of TU Dresden, and active in the MemrisTec project BioMCross.

Dr. Erika Covi and her team will investigate physical properties of memristive devices. Particular focus will be on the ability of memristors to mimic the learning behaviour of neurons and synapses. This property of memristors enables the development of neuromorphic electronic systems for information processing. Such intelligent and highly efficient network components are better able to meet the challenges of the Internet of Things compared to conventional technologies.

ERC Starting Grants support excellent researchers at the career stage where they establish their own independent research team or programme. Dr. Covi will receive up to €1.5 million for her five-year research.