Dresden Science Night on Friday, 8.7.2022

NaMLab gGmbH offers several attractions!

Insights into the cleanroom (17:00-23:00)

Take a look inside the cleanroom together with our scientists and learn interesting facts about the construction of a cleanroom and work in this environment. Questions like how clean is actually pure and what a clean room is needed for will be clarified. Afterwards, easy-to-understand demonstrators will be used to explain how electrical components work and how thin layers are realized in semiconductor technology.

How to do research in the nanoworld? (17:00-23:00)

NaMLab opens its labs and explains to you in a vivid way which possibilities exists to investigate nanometer thin films electrically and physically. A general tour through the labs is not enough for you? Take part in the special tours and let us explain to you in detail how to operate an electrical prober or how to investigate a structure smaller than a human hair with an atomic force microscope. Guided tours: – 21:00 Special guided tour (English) – 22:00 Special guided tour (German) – General guided tours throughout the evening every 20 minutes (except at the times of the special guided tour)

Hot and delicious or ice cold! (17:00-23:00)

Fortify yourself with some delicious foods from the grill and some drinks. But if it is too warm for you or you just want something sweet, then try some ice cream from our molecular kitchen!