Dr. Erika Covi appointed as First TUD Young Investigator at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In a groundbreaking move to promote excellence and counteract structural disadvantages, Dr. Erika Covi, a scientist at NaMLab, has been appointed as the first “TUD Young Investigator” at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering by the rectorate of the Technical University of Dresden (TUD). 

This prestigious status aims to integrate exceptional and independent junior research group leaders more closely within the faculties at the renowned Dresden science location. Her extensive experience in NaMLab will be instrumental in integrating well-founded knowledge into the faculty while offering qualifications tailored to the industry’s changing needs. Moreover, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Mikolajick, who serves as the chair holder of nanoelectronics and scientific director at NaMLab, further strengthens the collaboration between the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and NaMLab gGmbH. Having such a close partnership ensures seamless knowledge and expertise exchange between the two institutions.

The introduction of the “TUD Young Investigator” program is expected to have a far-reaching impact, providing exceptional junior researchers with enhanced opportunities to collaborate, lead their own research groups, and make significant contributions to their respective fields. By actively integrating these young talents, TUD aims to foster innovation and promote academic excellence at its science location in Dresden.

For more information about the “TUD Young Investigators” program, please visit the official website of the Technical University of Dresden.