SMACD’23 Best Paper Award for Mem²CNN project

SMACD’23 Best Paper Award on Emerging Technologies and Applications was presented to the paper entitled “A Simplified Variability-Aware VCM Memristor Model for Efficient Circuit Simulation”. A team of researchers from Technische Universität Dresden and FZ Jülich, Vasileios Ntinas, Dharmik Patel, Yongmin Wang, Ioannis Messaris, Dr. Vikas Rana, Stephan Menzel, Alon Ascoli, and Ronald Tetzlaff contributed to the paper. This project was funded within the DFG SPP MemrisTec.


IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Darlington Best Paper Award Recognizes Breakthrough in Memristive Neuronal Signal Generation

The prestigious IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Darlington Best Paper Award has been granted to the research paper titled “How to Build a Memristive Integrate-and-Fire Model for Spiking Neuronal Signal Generation“. The paper, authored by Sung Mo Kang, Donguk Choi, Jason K Eshraghian, Peng Zhou, Jieun Kim, Bai-Sun Kong, Xiaojian Zhu, Ahmet Samil Demirkol, Alon Ascoli, Ronald Tetzlaff, Wei D Lu, and Leon O Chua, presents two compact memristive models for generating spiking neuronal signals using readily available low-cost components. The first neuron model introduced in the paper is called the Memristive Integrate and Fire (MIF) model. It enables neuronal signaling by utilizing two voltage levels: the spike-peak and the rest-potential. The second model presented was MIF2, which goes a step further by incorporating a third refractory voltage level during hyperpolarization, thereby promoting local adaptation.

One of the significant implications of this research is the potential design of a memristive solid-state brain with an estimation of its surface area and power consumption. This breakthrough is expected to encourage further experimental demonstrations of memristive circuits, paving the way for more accessible and cost-effective implementations. Analytical projections indicate that a memristive solid-state brain could be achieved within the surface area and volume equivalent to the median human brain.

The recognition of this outstanding research with the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Darlington Best Paper Award underscores its importance and impact on the field. The authors’ contribution to advancing the understanding and practical application of memristive circuits is commendable, and their work is expected to inspire further breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering.

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Dr.-Ing. Marc Reichenbach Appointed as Full Professor for Integrated Systems at the University of Rostock

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Reichenbach, a well-experienced expert in processor architectures and processor development, has been appointed as a university full professor for “Integrated Systems” at the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at University of Rostock, effective from June 1st, 2023. Prof. Dr. Reichenbach also completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science and pursued a post-doctoral position at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

His academic achievements demonstrate his dedication to advancing the field of computer science. Prior to his new role, he served as a substitute Professor at the BTU Cottbus for almost two years, further enriching his teaching and research experience. Marc’s extensive knowledge, combined with his international visibility and scientific skills, make him a valuable asset for the University of Rostock.


MemrisTec Movie Night – Picture a Scientist

Gender inequality in science is a well-known phenomenon, e.g. for engineering domains in Germany. To compensate this, several activities of DFG and further institutions strive to support women to start studying these (e.g. STEM) subjects and/or stay in science. One result of the MemrisTec internal discussion was the setup of a MemrisTec Women Network discussing fitting measures to support women also with a limited budget.

To spotlight and discuss specifically the barriers of female researchers, some individuals from the MemrisTec Women Network invited friends to a Movie Night with the documentary „Picture a Scientist“ (2020, 93min). They met in small groups in different cities and discussed after watching the documentary how to better act locally to seal the “leaky pipeline”…

Chart from „Picture a Scientist“ (2020) with US data without further given details/sources.

Exploring the Intersection of AI, Science and Industry with Richard Socher and Dresden AI experts

Exploring the Intersection of AI, Science and Industry with Richard Socher and Dresden AI experts

Richard Socher, CEO of, visited TU Dresden on May 11, 2023. After an inspiring lecture he joined a podium discussion with other leading science experts on natural language processing. The event explored the intersection of AI, science, and industry, with a focus on the latest developments in natural language processing and their impact on different sectors. Socher and the panelists discussed the use of AI in industries such as healthcare, finance, and education, and delved into the ethical concerns surrounding its application. The conversation provided valuable insights into the future of AI and its potential to revolutionize various industries.

Lecture of Richard Socher

Panel Discussion

  • Sunna Torge (panelist, TU Dresden, SCADS.AI, OpenGPT-X)
  • Anna Poetsch (panelist, TU Dresden, CMCB/MSNZ)
  • Richard Socher (panelist,
  • Oliver Guhr (moderator, HTW Dresden)
  • Peter Steinbach (moderator, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Helmholtz.AI)

Organizing Team

  • Richard Schroedter (TU Dresden)
  • Christian Bruchatz (TU Dresden)
  • Steffen Seitz (TU Dresden)
  • Oliver Guhr (HTW Dresden)
  • Peter Steinbach (HZDR, Helmholtz.AI)

We kindly thank the Chief Office for Technology Transfer and Internationalization, the Chief Office Digitalization and Information Management, the Directorate Communication and Marketing as well as the Directorate Student Affairs and Continuing Education for their support in the event organization.



Register now for MemrisTec Summer School 2023 in Dresden

The 2023 episode of the MemrisTec Summer Schools will bring interested students and researchers in the european capital of micro- and nanoelectronics.

Events News

MemrisTec @ Girl’s Day 2023


MemrisTec Young Researcher Award for Tommaso Rizzi

During the MemrisTec2023 workshop, Tommaso Rizzi received one of the two MemrisTec Young Researcher Awards 2023 for his paper „Exploring Process-Voltage-Temperature Variations Impact on 4T1R Multiplexers for Energy-aware Resistive RAM-based FPGAs“, published in 10/2022 at the IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW) in South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA.

Within his paper Tommaso Rizzi evaluated a promising way towards the implementation of RRAM based devices coupled with large sized multiplexers into FPGAs. His results provide considerable improvements in terms of energy consumption and speed of modern FPGAs.

All the best for Tommaso Rizzi!

BioMCross News

MemrisTec Young Researcher Award for Eter Mgeladze

During the workshop MemrisTec2023 Eter Mgeladze (NaMLab, BioMCross Projekt) received one of the two MemrisTec Young Researcher Awards 2023 for her paper „An Analog Memristive and Memcapacitive Device for Neuromorphic Computing“, which she presented at the conference IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS) in Glasgow, Scotland in 10/2022.

In this multi-disciplinary work research spans from material and device optimization, via electrical characterization towards basic modeling of the devices properties. One focus is the investigation of frequency-dependent potentiation and depression properties of analogue switching memristive devices. Moreover, there is a comparatively novel aspect – the interplay between memristive and memcapacitive properties within one device. The results are the base for more sophisticated modeling, that will lead to conception of new devices and circuits for low power neuromorphic systems, and as such is very timely, interesting and useful for the broader community.

All the best for Eter Mgeladze!


MemrisTec2023 in Frankfurt (Oder)

At MemrisTec2023 Teams from all nine projects of the DFG SPP 2262 Memristec met for 3 days in Frankfurt (Oder) at IHP to synchronize their progress during the last year.